Kettle River Rodeo

Kettle Fest Rodeo

Get together for the “ Kettle River Rodeo
12 – noon Sunday May 5, 2021 in
Banning State Park

Kayakers, canoeist, and rafters compete by doing stunts and tricks on river waves and holes. Paddlers will judged by difficulty of stunt, fluidity between stunts and by crowd approval.

Paddlers of all abilities are encouraged to participate. Categories for kayaks, canoes, and raft teams.

Registration for the rodeo will be from 11 A.M. to 12 noon on Sunday, May 5. Sign-up at the boat launch in Banning State Park.

Water levels will determine the rapids to be surfed. This decision will be made Sunday prior to the event. (most likely Teacher’s Pet)

*The Kettle River Paddle Festival Safety Committee reserves the right to cancel the rodeo due to unsafe water conditions. The final river inspection will be conducted Friday at 3:00, any concerns about the water levels and river obstruction should be directed to the safety committee.

*All prizes for the rodeo are pledged donations from sponsors, the Kettle River Paddlers Club reserves the right to amend the prizes and the final prize categories.

Water sport activities imply many hazards which could result in serious injury or death. All participants in these activities must assume responsibility for themselves, their safety and their actions.